About DK Dental Studio

  • It’s a business practice of science and art involving the construction of dentures and mouth guards
  • Its exists to provide people with a new smile and return a person’s confidence in life with a new smile or to protect one
  • I like to help people who are not fully satisfied with their dentures
  • I enjoy manufacturing mouth guards to protect my clients teeth
  • I am particularly interested in crafting cosmetic denture because it really captures my skill and ability to its fullest
  • No matter if it’s a denture or mouth guard my favorite part of my job is to see my client’s drastic change physically and emotionally.
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Dentures Randwick - denture adjustments
Denture Repair Randwick - Denis Kozlov

Introducing Denis

I began studying to be a dental technician straight after high school at Randwick TAFE in 1995. As I was studying I was worked at several dental laboratories all around eastern suburbs. Then in 2 and half years of study, I became a qualified dental technician in 1997. I began to work as full time dental technician, for around 4 years. I then began studying to become a Dental prosthetist in 2002.

After 2 and a half years in 2004 I received my advanced diploma and became a NSW recognized Dental prosthetist. Shortly after I started working for myself, doing manly home visits. The in couple of years of gathering experience I opened my denture clinic where I have been established for over 11 years. Within that time I have made over 1000’s of dentures and mouth guards for my clients and I have built reputation all around Sydney.

I welcome any cases and I’m always striving to perform my best for the community.

Dentures and mouth guards Randwick

DK Dental Studios specialises in both dentures and mouth guards in Randwick, Sydney. If you need one of these services, please follow the links below:

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