• If you broke your denture, and are in need of urgent repair then we can help
  • We can repair your denture while you wait in or out of the clinic.
  • Most repairs can be done within one hour, or in some cases within a day
  • If your denture is smashed or has pieces missing we can revise your previous denture


  • Every new denture or dentures has complementary adjustments
  • Adjustment can be done anytime along the track, till it fits perfect
  • We can also adjust your existing dentures
  • Same day adjustments


  • We do same day relines for any denture
  • Conventional relines take only one day
  • Chairside reline take only one hour
  • We also rebase flexible dentures it takes two days


  • Every new denture comes with one year warranty
  • We will replace it or fix broken dentures
  • Adjustments are included with warranty
  • Our warranty policy aims to perfect your denture