Custom Fitted Mouth Guard

  • Mouth guard made to fit just for you
  • Mouth guard made from a model providing precise fit and dimensions
  • Mouth guard are come in two to four layers depending on the client needs.
  • After health fund rebate mouth guards are just as affordable as one from the chemist


  • Mouth guards come in 34 billion different color combinations
  • We can make your favorite club colors
  • You can design your own mouth guard
  • We can include any sticker that fits in your mouth guard design


  • Every mouth guard comes with a free mouth guard box in a color of your choice.
  • Name and phone number can be incorporated into your mouth guard in case you lose it
  • Bring a friend and both receive %10 off
  • Bring your whole sport team and receive 30% off
Mouth Guard Warranty - Randwick


  • If your mouth guard needs an adjustment it only takes a few minutes
  • Ill-fitting mouth guards will be replaced or fixed
  • 1 warranty for adults